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This online MPEG-1 converter lets you convert your video to MPEG-1 files. You can either upload a file or specify a download link where we can download the file. Choose some settings to change default parameters and hit "Convert file" to start the video conversion to MPG. The file is converted instantly and you will be able to download it afterwards.

mpeg-1 converter

mpeg-1 converter
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This format can be played by most video players, but compared to other formats like MP4 the quality is not as good. We also provide an MPEG-2 converter with slightly better quality.

The MPEG-1 converter from us can convert from more than 35 source formats for example: MP4 to MPEG-1, WMV to MPEG-1, 3GP to MPEG-1, MPEG-2 to MPEG-1, MKV to MPEG-1 and much more. Just give it a try.

Here is an article with more information about the MPEG-1 format.